Friday, June 29, 2007

Sari Silk Solids--Most Gorgeous Thing Ever!

I just got in an order from one of my most favorite yarn vendors, Frabjous Fibers and I was unpacking and labeling the yummy yarns. There was a bright yellow Banana Silk and some Red Banana Silk, and more Kathmandu, the traditional multi colored silk spun from the weaving waste of the sari looms. Now bear in mind, these are all spun by a fair trade women's collective in Nepal, a cottage industry, and imported by this wonderful woman in Vermont who runs Frabjous Fibers. Well, all was going well until I unpacked the silk solids which I ordered for the first time, these are softer than the regular sari silk, and the colors are intense and they are subtle shades within a shade of luscious goodness. I was just drooling all over them, I so very much wanted to eat them. [I refrained.]

In lieu of eating them, I collected a fuchsia, cobalt and a dark green, and escorted them around town for the evening in my bag, checking in with them periodically and showing them off at every opportunity.

Pictured above are the Sari Silk Solids encircling a couple hanks of Kathmandu. Radiant, isn't it?
For knitters, crocheters and yarn collectors, these lovely hanks are 100 grams for the solids and they sell for $12.00, the Kathmandu Original is 200 grams and sells for $15.00. please call for availability 215-413-5001 and we can send them out to you straightaway.