Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hats of Late…

I keep on making more, and the funny things is I still love it. I go back to some old designs periodically, like the lattice structure or two color jog-less stripe lattice below in the top two hats. I created a few scrap hats which are my favorites at the moment.

I am getting inspiration from all over, I love the wonderful local and  international fiber community and am so grateful for their generosity and flourishing abundance of color, texture and productivity. You all inspire me to no end!!


DSC05912 DSC05911 DSC05910
DSC05909 DSC05908 DSC05907
DSC05906 DSC05905 DSC05904
DSC05903 DSC05902 DSC05901
DSC05894 DSC05893 DSC05891
DSC05897 DSC05896 DSC05895
DSC05890 DSC05888 DSC05886
DSC05885 DSC05883 DSC05881
DSC05878 DSC05880 DSC05879
DSC05873 DSC05871 DSC05872
DSC05913 Little newborn baby hat  
DSC05899 Detail of the tassels on jester hat.  

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saori Calls

As promised, here are some shots of the cowl I just wove. Lots of handspun fuchsia and black merino, plied with other lovelies!

DSC05868  DSC05859DSC05858

DSC05867DSC05865 DSC05864 DSC05866DSC05863DSC05860 DSC05862 DSC05861     

Now on to the new warp. Sticky linen, cotton, cot-lin, and a little rayon.

I tried to weave some thinner threads as weft. It makes for a much lighter fabric and has  a lot of different possibilities.
Below are lots of close-ups of the different sections. Great photos, Stephen! ♥

DSC05829 DSC05828

DSC05827 DSC05826

DSC05854 DSC05853 DSC05852 DSC05851 DSC05850 DSC05849 DSC05848 DSC05847 DSC05846 DSC05845 DSC05844  DSC05842 DSC05841 DSC05840 DSC05839 DSC05838 DSC05837 DSC05835 DSC05834 DSC05833 DSC05832 DSC05831