Friday, October 05, 2012

Saori shawls…I love this stuff!

I am really sure now why I spin yarn. I just love this weaving thing, and the Saori philosophy just appeals to me to my core!

Saori 4 slogans are:

1) Consider the differences between machines and people.

2) Let’s adventure beyond our imagination.

3) Let’s look out through eyes that shine.

4) Let’s learn from everyone in the group.

This piece just came off the loom yesterday and I brought it home to wash and hang to dry!

I love the combination of colors with my black handspun merino plied with oh, so many plying threads! Another new technique I love, love, love.

DSC05525 DSC05523 DSC05521 DSC05520 DSC05519

And of course, more hats!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You guessed it! More hats!

I simply love to knit hats. I am so grateful people love to buy them, wear them, and gift them.

These hats are each one of a kind and the first two were custom created for specific customers. Thanks so much! 

To be honest, each hat is custom created for someone specific, we may not have met yet, or perhaps you head has not met your perfect hat, but it will happen. It is destined to be.


DSC05438 DSC05437 DSC05436
DSC05439 DSC05441 DSC05442
DSC05443 DSC05444 DSC05445
DSC05446 DSC05447 DSC05448
DSC05449 DSC05450 DSC05451
DSC05452 DSC05453 DSC05454
DSC05455 DSC05456 DSC05457
DSC05458 DSC05459