Friday, June 26, 2009

Inspiration, Entrelac and Reinventing Ourselves.

I just got a package in. The joy of ripping open the overstuffed plastic and investigating the fibery goodness contained within is hard to contain. I wish the DHL man safe travels and begin exploring.

I like what I see. The rayon has sparkly bits intertwined and the cotton is smooth and shiny and the carry-along yarns are just perfect to add a hint of color and shine to some soft is all perfect. These were ordered sight unseen (or at least untouched; via the web), except for the reorders....anyway, its all good and I am delighted.

The entrelac portion of our post is brought to you by the Tuesday night knittig group. We are entrelacing along.
The basic instructions are coming along but we are working this a piece at a time; part of the joy of entrelac; bite-sized pieces, you know.


Ok, to download the pdf file, please visit Nangellini
and go to the goodies section, where the patterns live.


Today is beautiful and can become exactly what you desire. Stay open to inspiration, where it may hail from, allow it to light on your shoulder, back of your hand, cerebral cortex. Notice when it does. I love you.