Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recently goings on been happening with me of late.

grammar, not so much.

I am doing more like the green cotton on top here, but with Claudia’s Linen and other plant-based fibers. Some Sugar Rush 100% viscose from sugar cane is also calling to me. Let me know if you see something you want or need to have! I will send it off to you, These are all available at the time of this posting. 215-413-5001 or


DSC05255 DSC05254 DSC05253
DSC05252 DSC05251 DSC05250
DSC05246 DSC05245 DSC05244
DSC05243 DSC05242 DSC05241

Friday, May 11, 2012

Magic Balls

If any of you have knit or crocheted with a Magic Ball, you know how much fun it is! You never know what yarn is coming up next and it can be very exciting!  I especially enjoy working my Sock Remnant pattern with Magic Balls! You can download it on Ravelery here


This was yesterday when I was gathering, sorting, cutting and tying all the yarns. My favorite part is gathering up all the colors together. I just love finding new and fun textures to throw in the mix.

Today I skeined them up and counted the yardage…so far we have 5 blues-multi, 4 red-multi and citrus is going to be next.

The blues are over 100grams each and around 130 yards

The reds are about 85-90 grams each and about 88 yards each

More photos below and the citrus photos when I complete them!






Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Guess What?

I am making new hats. No, really.

This one will fit most folks, the one below (also a rainbow of Noro goodnesss) will fit lots of locks. (Not lox, cuz that would be, just wrong.)

 DSC05194 DSC05193 DSC05192

See what I mean, lots of space for your big hair. You know you want it!

DSC05191 DSC05189 DSC05188

DSC05184 DSC05183 DSC05182

Another very roomy incarnation. Wear them stacked in a nest or hanging down in the back, or its just a slouchy hat for just about anyone!

DSC05181 DSC05180 DSC05179