Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work in Progress


I just bought a new loom, it is a Large! Burnhams 4h, 6t and I will put it back together shortly and post pictures. I still have warp on the Harrisville Designs loom and will finish that up before I try to sell it.

I will have to sell the HD to make space for the big loom, there is no way to have both in the shop.

Mean time, I am trying to finish up this hat and at the same time, made a few more hats in the process….


This one happened by accident while I was making the one above:


Now I must weave, and then who knows. I’ll keep ya posted!

Oh, and spin. More.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Recent and Some Not So Much

As of posting, all of these hats are available. Most are quite recent but some have had a little time to breath and are ready to be worn and loved. Feel free to contact me if you see something you desire!♥ 
DSC04997 DSC04998 DSC04999
DSC04994 DSC04995 DSC04996
DSC04991 DSC04992 DSC04993
DSC04988 DSC04989 DSC04990
DSC04985 DSC04986 DSC04987
DSC04982 DSC04983 DSC04984
DSC04979 DSC04980 DSC04981
DSC04976 DSC04977 DSC04978
DSC04973 DSC04974 DSC04975
DSC04970 DSC04971 DSC04972
DSC04967 DSC04968 DSC04969

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recent Hats

It has come to  my attention that my hats are selling faster than I am recording them, so I am starting to shoot them on a regular bases. Starting now.

These are a few still available as of today anyway:

DSC04942 DSC04944 DSC04943
DSC04945 DSC04947 DSC04946
DSC04927 DSC04929 DSC04928
DSC04930 DSC04932 DSC04931
DSC04933 DSC04935 DSC04934
DSC04936 DSC04938 DSC04937
DSC04939 DSC04941 DSC04940
DSC04948 DSC04950 DSC04949
DSC04951 DSC04953 DSC04952
DSC04954 DSC04956 DSC04955
DSC04957 DSC04959 DSC04958
DSC04960 DSC04962 DSC04961
DSC04963 DSC04965 DSC04964