Thursday, February 28, 2013

What’s Doin’?

I can’t keep my hands off my loom. I just love all the possible patterns I can manifest, it seems endless!

Since I posted last, I have completed a few more pieces. There are lots of gratuitous close ups for your viewing pleasure!

There were a few pieces done on the silk warp from Nicole. First I did the wollmeise shawl for Nicole:DSC05735 DSC05734 DSC05733 DSC05732 DSC05731 DSC05730

then there was a cream, natural, with rusty accents and beige-y goodness, , handspun merino and handspun bamboo.


DSC05763DSC05788 DSC05787 DSC05786 DSC05785 DSC05784 DSC05783 DSC05782 DSC05780 DSC05776 DSC05773 DSC05772    

Then I shifted the warp threads in the reed to create some open space and did another white/natural piece with bits of purple handspun and supercoil thrown in for fun!



DSC05823 DSC05822 DSC05821 DSC05820 DSC05819 DSC05818 DSC05817 DSC05816 DSC05815 DSC05812 DSC05809 DSC05807 DSC05805 DSC05804 DSC05803 DSC05802 DSC05801 DSC05800 DSC05797 DSC05796 DSC05795 DSC05794    

The last piece from the silk warp was smaller, so it became a cowl, in handspun fuchsia and black. Really interesting texture! I love the final fabric I created.

I will have the Bunny take some photos tomorrow, I forgot to shoot this one today!
Stay tuned!!