Friday, May 11, 2012

Magic Balls

If any of you have knit or crocheted with a Magic Ball, you know how much fun it is! You never know what yarn is coming up next and it can be very exciting!  I especially enjoy working my Sock Remnant pattern with Magic Balls! You can download it on Ravelery here


This was yesterday when I was gathering, sorting, cutting and tying all the yarns. My favorite part is gathering up all the colors together. I just love finding new and fun textures to throw in the mix.

Today I skeined them up and counted the yardage…so far we have 5 blues-multi, 4 red-multi and citrus is going to be next.

The blues are over 100grams each and around 130 yards

The reds are about 85-90 grams each and about 88 yards each

More photos below and the citrus photos when I complete them!






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