Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime projects

I may have mentioned knitting linen hats…well that is not all that I enjoy for Summer knitting. I also love my US 13 needles and my US 35 turkey baster needles.

This is what's been coming off my needles:

(and hooks) I did crochet the edging of top tunic piece, it is one size fits many, and very lightweight. (As are the pieces below!)


DSC05287 DSC05286
DSC05294 DSC05296
DSC05299 DSC05297
DSC05288 DSC05289
DSC05292 DSC05291

Oh and the linen hats…

DSC05274 DSC05273 DSC05272
DSC05268 DSC05267 DSC05266
DSC05261 DSC05260 DSC05259
DSC05258 DSC05257 DSC05256


and some recent spinning….

Alpaca plied w/merino & mohiair locks
DSC05283 DSC05284
Superfine Merino plied w/ alpaca merino silk batt
DSC05281 DSC05280
DSC05279 DSC05278  


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