Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Year’s Hats, This Year’s Hats…etc


More to come ….shooting some new images now!

DSC05594 DSC05596 DSC05598
DSC05588 DSC05589 DSC05590
DSC05591 DSC05592 DSC05593
DSC05582 DSC05583 DSC05584
DSC05581 DSC05580 DSC05579
DSC05585 DSC05586 DSC05587
DSC05577 DSC05576 DSC05578

All of the above hats were from the end of 2012 and these below are a bit more recent.

I am working on writing up more and more patterns for my hats, currently available are the Cable Hat Trilogy (3 unisex hat patterns with different kinds of cables) which you can buy and download from Ravelry  and my Fringed Crown, and more on the way.


DSC05607 DSC05608 DSC05609
DSC05612 DSC05611 DSC05610
DSC05613 DSC05614 DSC05615
DSC05619 DSC05618 DSC05617
DSC05620 DSC05621  
DSC05622 DSC05623  
DSC05626 DSC05625 DSC05624
DSC05628 DSC05629 DSC05630
DSC05632 DSC05633 DSC05634
DSC05635 DSC05636 DSC05637
DSC05640 DSC05641 DSC05642
DSC05643 DSC05644 DSC05645
DSC05646 DSC05647 DSC05648
Saori pieces,    
DSC05649 DSC05650 DSC05651
DSC05653 DSC05654 DSC05655
DSC05656 DSC05657  
DSC05658 DSC05659 DSC05660
DSC05661 DSC05662  

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