Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saori Calls

As promised, here are some shots of the cowl I just wove. Lots of handspun fuchsia and black merino, plied with other lovelies!

DSC05868  DSC05859DSC05858

DSC05867DSC05865 DSC05864 DSC05866DSC05863DSC05860 DSC05862 DSC05861     

Now on to the new warp. Sticky linen, cotton, cot-lin, and a little rayon.

I tried to weave some thinner threads as weft. It makes for a much lighter fabric and has  a lot of different possibilities.
Below are lots of close-ups of the different sections. Great photos, Stephen! ♥

DSC05829 DSC05828

DSC05827 DSC05826

DSC05854 DSC05853 DSC05852 DSC05851 DSC05850 DSC05849 DSC05848 DSC05847 DSC05846 DSC05845 DSC05844  DSC05842 DSC05841 DSC05840 DSC05839 DSC05838 DSC05837 DSC05835 DSC05834 DSC05833 DSC05832 DSC05831

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