Friday, January 13, 2006


Stay tuned for beads. I am going hog wild buying beads for the store and to use in my own work. I like to dangle a bead or two at each end of a scarf and also to incorporate them into crocheted pieces, so we will see what evolves.
I am particularly fond of lampwork glass beads and that is primarily what I have been ordering.
I also am partial to leaves so there are some lampwork glass leaf beads coming in this week.
I ordered kitty cats too. I think they will be sweet at the end of scarves.

I think I am going to finally bring the spinning wheel down to Nangellini...I miss it. It must be lonesome up on the third floor...well, it has the yarn up there to keep it company. Some of that should come down to the store too....soon. It all needs a good sorting out. What is mine and what will get tossed into the sale bin and the "Here, you look like you could use one more ball of yarn" pile.
I read some recent posts about spinning up the cats hair into yarn and all I could think is, "Ew!" and "Isn't that why we got the maids?" I have seen just about enough cat hair, thank you!

Blessings and gratitude,

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