Thursday, January 26, 2006

Handspun Hand-dyed

I just received the most amazing yarn from Uruguay today! I am so excited. Just labeling the hanks of yarn was a sensual experience. The colors are so luscious and the wool is so silky soft, I was completely beside myself!
I wanted to set a hank of each color aside just to fondle and make pretty little things with...I tried hard to control myself so there would be plenty for the customers but it was difficult, each colorway was better than the there are 20 colors, 10 are kettle dyed and 10 are 'space-dyed' I think. I will post photos tomorrow...and fondle some more...and somewhere in there I have to put together more shelving to accomodate all this stuff...
btw, this one-ply hand spun yarn is the perfect thing for bullions. Bullions are crocheted stitches, which Free Form crocheters love, thanks to Prudence Mapstone and her Fabulous book Bullions and Beyond, Bonnie Pierce-- and other designers.
Free Form crocheters and knitters all over have glommed onto this stitch because it is a challenge to learn (for many) and it looks so neat, unusual, organic, etc.

I also got a new shipment of recycled silk and Midas, the recycled rayon with goldish coloring. Both of these are available at in the yarn section if you want...they come in 200 gram hanks. I like that. More yarn is always better!
Oh, and additionally, I got a bunch of Gedifra which I am able to offer at greatly reduced pricing which makes me happy. What is better than great yarn at a mucho discount price? Um, other than chocolate, I can't think of anything!
Diane came in to help me tag it all, Thank God! I needed the help, plus I needed someone there to listen to me kvell over all of this stuff. Sitting there petting all this yarn all alone just wouldn't do. Have to share the joy!

OK, currently I am working on

  • one fair isle tam on the dpns mid-wheel section, but need to concentrate to finish. Oh and I have to finish designing the rest of the wheel...
  • Also have thin belt with the Gedifra Gigante on the 15s, that is a quicky but I am too tired to finish tonight
  • also some Japanese yarn on #10 circs making a tam. Thank you Shiho for the Japanese yarn.
  • Also started a crocheted vest worked vertically, in bright oranges and pinks, that is only a front panel so far, not even all of the front panel is done, and it got set aside
  • What else, oh, there is a ripple tank top in the basement of the store in many white cottons and off white cottons, that has been sitting for a while and I keep forgetting.
  • Also a bright orange sweater vest for my fiance' almost done,
  • and I want to start a few other things, like scrumbles for brooches, and more beading on hats and scarfs.

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