Friday, July 06, 2007

Amazing Abundance of Yarn

It is almost unbelievable the abundance of gorgeous yarn that has come into life of late.
I have been fortunate enough to purchase the contents of two, not one, but TWO closing yarn shops.
Well, not the entire contents but you can be sure I got the best, most yummiest, most fantastic yarns they had. Not only that, but the lovely women with whom I was trading were quite generous. I use the term trading loosely. I was trading cash for yarn, which is pretty much how that works for me. I have cash, you have yarn; we trade; I am happy.
Anyway, I got lots of hand painted goodness, lots of silk and silky things, lots of gorgeous bulky wool and super bulky winter time fun stuff and of course novelties, needles, and notions, scarf pins and more. It is too much to believe.
After the first round with the Jenkintown ladies, Nicole, my assistant, and I were kind of rolling around the floor in all the hand painted Great Adirondack and Schaefer yarns, when Carolyn called, so she came in and proceeded to lay on the floor...with the yarn. It was a nice afternoon.
By mid-week we had everything sorted, tagged and entered into inventory and onto the shelves and racks.
Then it started all over again; just last night I went visited another woman with the contents of her shop spread between her beautiful finished knitting room/basement and her garage, all the boxes in the garage were labeled with the intricate contents of each box marked with quantities of each and the circles and the arrows and a full color glossy photo of....sorry, no, I digress...anyway, we got some amazing things there and I look forward to sorting thru it all to see what we actually purchased. :) I know we will be pleased in the long run. Getting it all into inventory as 'assorted' or as what it actually another feat all together. Oy.
Well, by the time we got out of there, we were drenched with sweat, it had begun to rain, and my Tupperware bins were nearing capacity with yarn and the cardboard box was getting wet in the back of my truck, but we pressed on...we had another stop in Jenkintown with the original and first yarn-store-going-out-of-business-whose-inventory-I-must-obtain.
We were late but I knew the yarn was patient, it always is.
Just as expected, it was waiting shelved and bagged politely with its people and pets occupying themselves amongst the books and notions. Good yarn. No wait, bad yarn, all vying for my affections and wooing me like that.
Damn it, I want you all. OK Focus, Focus. (That was heard quite a bit last night)
Now the fun will really begin, as we do the sort, catalog, enter data and tag portion of this adventure. We got through the first round so this shouldn't be too bad--although this latest haul is twice as big.
I am happy to report that I spent less than 5K. If your SO ever gives you a hard time about your yarn shopping, or yarn acquisition addiction, you can him/her about me.

Love and blessings,

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