Friday, July 06, 2007

Did I mention...Colinette, Prism, Blue Heron, et al

As I am sorting through the new yarn, I thought I might just share...there are three Colinette Vintage Kits. These retail for $140, but we are going to offer them for much less since we got a price break on them, everyone wins! Also found lots of Blue Heron which is hand dyed (various textures of that, have not yet sorted or inspected what they all are) Also some Claudia's, which I recognized.

I am thinking I may want a Colinette kit for myself.
I had that same thought about the Prism. I have 4 half skeins of Cool Stuff in Tea Rose colorway. It is very pretty and I may just have to keep one for moi.
Each fabulous yarn that I have never tried yet calls to me...saying "How can you sell me if you never tried me yourself. Don't you want to knit me NOW?

I know at most of the novelty and onsie balls are going in our sale bin, which should be fun for those that peruse them on a regular basis...basically new balls are finding there way in there every day. If I didn't have this store, I would be customer here for sure. :)
I am starting to sound like one of those car salesmen on TV commercials. "We must be CRAZEE to sell this stuff so CHEAP." Ok Maybe I feel more like Tom Waits singing "Step Right Up."
Always wanted to feel like Waits, er, maybe that was I always wanted to feel Tom Waits. Close enough.

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