Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hats Happen…

DSC05337 DSC05335 DSC05336
DSC05366 DSC05367 DSC05368
DSC05365 DSC05364 DSC05362
DSC05358 DSC05359 DSC05361
DSC05357 DSC05356 DSC05355
DSC05352 DSC05353 DSC05354
DSC05351 DSC05350 DSC05349
DSC05346 DSC05347 DSC05348
DSC05345 DSC05344 DSC05343
DSC05338 DSC05339 DSC05340
DSC05342 DSC05341 Some little detail shots of the center of a couple hats…..
I am working on writing up the cluster stitch hat, it works great with any yarn, but especially bulky and SG carried with baby kid mohair!



All of these hats are available at Nangellini and you can call, email or message me if you see one that you love, I am happy to ship anywhere in the world. Each hat has its perfect home and it just waits for that perfect head to find it!

I also do take custom orders if you want to choose the colors and materials for you perfect, Divine hat!

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