Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weaving Adventures

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After about 10 scarves on the Schacht Cricket loom, I decided I needed to get a little bigger…so I invested in what I understand is a good starter loom, a 22” Harrisville Designs 4-Harness floor loom.

After about 6 hours of warping and instruction, I got 14 yards of warp onto the thing, enticed my lovely Bunny  to build me a raddle and lease sticks, and have woven 5 and one half scarves on this warp. I am allowing 12” of fringe between my hem stitching, and moving on to the next scarf, so when I am complete I will have the wonderful treat of seeing all my scarves at once! I have pretty much forgotten what went on at the beginning of the warp!\

Trying to match the painted warp I chose was a little bit of a challenge, the first scarf is an assortment of different yarns,  all fairly neutral and matching somewhat, the second is my handspun with some mill spun merino wool, the third is all corespun white-ish bulky which I love! Then I worked more handspun, wait, maybe the next one was the green and brown, and then there is a hank of really fun slubby yarn I did with a thread ply and lots of coils. Ok now I am confused but I know I am halfway done with the last one and it is part hanspun, part thick and thin millspun merino and part boucle mohair which I love, its an old Ironstone from the last of a cone. I really love the boucle mohair for weaving.

Some more of the cricket scarves are here:

CIMG0572 DSC04541

The larger loom is here:


And this is what I have been weaving with plain weave/tabby and twill. (I tried to figure out if I could do anything else with a 1-2-3-4 warping…I found no other patterns without sticks or other set up…)

Various weft yarns My handspun corespun bulky handspun twill pattern close-up of twill more hanspun plied with thread; lots of coils and silk!

They look similar because of the painted warp I have chosen here. Next time I will warp with more subtle warp contrasts.

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