Monday, November 21, 2011

Playing with Saori on Cricket

The black rayon is very slippery. It was challenging to warp the loom but with a little help from my friends, (thanks, Rod!) it is warped and I am well on my way to weaving a couple of free form scarves. I selected several bits of roving and locks from my stash as well as yarn bits, balls and samples, and trim and rick rack, ribbon and whatever else was in the bags of goodies I keep  for these very projects.
I went with fuchsia and bright greens….one of my all time favorite combinations. I think it is because I had a dress up costume when I was 12 or so with those colors. It was an old burlesque kind of showgirl outfit which I loved with alternating fuchsia and lime green satin stripes outlined in black with long black fringe and sequins.
anyway…I stated working on the Cricket today with all my lovely and nostalgic colors and textures and this is the progress so far…
saori on cricket saori 2
More to come!

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