Sunday, November 20, 2011

Washing the Wool.

I love how soft everything becomes when I wash and block it! Even just the water changes the fiber, and many yarns bloom considerably. I just washed and hung a hank of hanspun yarn, merino with mohair, silk and other sparkly goodness, as well as all my new scarves off the loom.
The water was hot and then warm mostly, I really did not want to felt it, but just ‘set’ it nicely. I sent the Bunny out to replenish the Suave Green Apple hair conditioner supply, which totally softens the fibers. I just add a tablespoonful or so, a couple of squirts to each piece. Less for smaller things. I don’t even rinse it all out, I just squeeze out most of the water in towels.
For this purpose, I brought in several bath sheets (read:gi-hugic) towels to dry everything. They were drenched when I was done. I rolled each scarf up and then stepped on them to remove as much water as I could.
Now they are all in the backyard drying on the drying rack.
rack'o'scarves drying scarves Hanspun of late


Donna Lee said...

The scarves came out gorgeous. It always amazes me how much a bath can change the appearance of a fiber.

Nancy said...

I love the feel and drape of them now too!