Friday, November 18, 2011

Freeing the Scarves

This has been exhilarating … after weaving for weeks on this same warp, I am finally removing everything from the loom today! I finished up the free form piece at the end and cut everything off and wound it up into a giant ball…here:
untieing the warp Close up ball'o'scarves
Next I used the rotary cutter to separate one from another and now there are 7 different pieces!! Woo.
free form and random white and silk handspun green and brown twill 
hanspun twillanother hanspun with slubs in abundance last but not least! with boucle
I will take pictures of the saori bag when I am done sewing it together into a bag-shape! I am having a good time with it, so I am not rushing….
All these scarves above are going to receive a bath and then will be available for purchase. Each is 9” wide and between 60” and 72” before the fringe. Each has approximately 6” fringe per end. Washing the scarves allow the fabric to come into balance and the yarns to bloom slightly and also softens the fabric even more for the next-to-the-skin softness we all desire in a scarf!♥
Here are more gratuitous close up shots of the weaving":
CIMG0024 CIMG0722 CIMG0708 CIMG0687

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No Two Snowflakes said...

wow, talk about a gratifying moment!