Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ready for a good soak.

I cut this one off the loom last night, and now it is ready for a bath…I only had to re-thread a few strands of the warp through the heddles and sley the reed with them…Thanks for the help, Amanda! This process was to set up for the next scarf and remove this one so I did not crush all the dimensionality of it as I continued to weave. I may leave the rest on the loom, but I really wanted to cut this one free.

I am not sure how much additional waste there is by cutting and retying but I am trying to be careful with my warp yardage.


Some close ups:

CIMG0106 CIMG0107 CIMG0108

I am pleased with the Saori on the HD loom, it is really fun to have the freedom to play! That said, I believe the next thing up on this warp will be one of my handspun merino, angora and sequin yarns.

I hope it works out, but either way, I will post pictures!

Do something you love today. It’s good for  your health!

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