Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Recent <del>Obsession</del> Hats

Addendum: Of the hats below, 6 have sold as of 1/5/2010. The first, second, third and fourth hats sold as well as the seventh and the thirteenth. Eventually they will all find their perfect heads!

So I have a little bit of a problem. Sometimes I can’t stop.

I make hats. A lot.These are some of my latest creations.

At the time of this posting, all of these are available.Contact me if you see something you are interested in. We sell most of the hats here at my shop for $60 - $80 with the entrelac and handspun hats coming in at the higher end of the range there. Each one is created with love, and joy, and no two are ever the same!

There are a couple below for which I will post patterns, the top two hats are crocheted with a strand of Noro Kureyon carried with a strand of Debbie Bliss Angel, and also below there are a  couple of  Feather and Fan pieces, a cowl and an Infinity scarf, with Noro Kochoran,  The pattern will be posted shortly!


DSC04677 DSC04676 DSC04675
DSC04687 DSC04685 DSC04686
DSC04684 DSC04682 DSC04683
DSC04678 DSC04679 DSC04680
DSC04698 DSC04697 DSC04699
DSC04695 DSC04694 DSC04696
DSC04693 DSC04691 DSC04692
DSC04689 DSC04688 DSC04690
DSC04711 DSC04709 DSC04710
DSC04706 DSC04708 DSC04707
DSC04705 DSC04703 DSC04704
DSC04701 DSC04700 DSC04702
DSC04723 DSC04721 DSC04722
DSC04729 DSC04728 DSC04726
DSC04725 DSC04724 DSC04727
DSC04718 DSC04719 DSC04720
DSC04716 DSC04715 DSC04717
DSC04714 DSC04712 DSC04713

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