Thursday, December 22, 2011

To Scarf or Not to Scarf

CowlInfinity Scarf

Feather and Fan Infinity/Cowl: Everyone (or almost everyone) can make a quickie bulky or novelty scarf when in a pinch. The Ruffle yarns are super duper fast and knit up in about two hours, bulky yarn or multiple strands held together work up on a US 17, 19 or 35 really quickly, an hour or so….but when that gets too old or just one more scarf simply wont do, what do you do?

Well, I decided to try cowls a while. Now for certain, I love circles. I make hats and circular lace and mandalas of every flavor (including sushi) so a cowl was a logical leap.

And now with everyone so Infinity Scarf happy, I worked up a Feather and Fan Cowl/Infinity Scarf with both size options. I used Kochoran from Noro which is 165 yards per 100 gram hank, and about half a ball to do the cowl and the whole hank to do the Infinity./ Two hanks would yield a wider Infinity scarf.

Cast on multiple of 18 sts

For Cowl use 72 sts --- for Infinity Scarf, use 180 sts

Chunky yarn (shown in Noro Kochoran, Color 66) and US 10-10.5 needle

Cast on your number of stitches as above

Rounds 1-2: Knit every stitch.

Round 3: *k2tog (3 X), (K1, YO)(6 X), k2tog(3 X)* repeat * to * all the way around.
Round 4: Purl every stitch.

Rounds 5-6: Knit every stitch.

Repeat rounds 3-6 until as long as you desire.

Bind off loosely OR do I-cord bind off is as follows:

Cast on three stitches,
* knit two, ssk,
pass three sts back to left hand needle*
repeat *-*
graft after last stitch is done.

   | |
>* *<

CIMG0086 CIMG0087

These are also same pattern but I used some left over mohair for a few rows and a bit of wool mixed with the Kogarashi (another Noro wool/silk blend)

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