Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Mega Infinity Cowl Pattern

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Mega Infinity Cowl


1 Ball Ella Rae Mega (MC)

1 Ball Viking Balder (CC)

US15 Needle 36"- 48"

With Mega (MC)Long Tail Cast On, cast on 130 stitches

Place Marker.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: * K1, P1 * around.

Row 3: Switch to Balder (CC), Knit

Row 4: With MC, K1, P1 around.

Row 5-12: repeat row 3 & 4 changing yarns as indicated.

Row 13: With MC, Knit

Row 14: MC, K1, P1 around

Row 15: Knit

Bind off loosely, being mindful to check as you go that your bind off tension pretty much matches your cast on visually.

©2012 Nangellini All Rights Reserved. Please do not reproduce physically or electronically without permission. This pattern is for personal use only. Contact Nancy Nagle at nancy @ or 215-413-5001 for permission and restrictions.

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