Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work that Mohair!

I was so excited to be approached about working on some props to be used in a movie. What fun! And a challenge as well, since I really did not know how to execute what they were asking for!

It sounded to me like everything was to be imbued with life-force energy. Well, duh!

So, I se out to swatch a bunch of different fibers and see what would create the undulating and life-like textures….I started with some not-quite-right things and moved on to some wonderful mohair that did just the trick, albeit slippery as all get-out!


These are much closer to the look….getting closer

and here is an approximation of the intention with more changes to come:

getting warm....

I am going as fast as I can working mohair and merino on 35s and 9s and ultimately this will become a series of panels and a large blanket for the big screen.

Also working on some hyperbolic lace pieces for same. Should prove interesting.

I will keep everyone posted, details are super secret but I will share when I can!

Pattern will follow so you can knit yourself one!

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