Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More off the loom…Scarves be Free!

Here we go again, I am freeing the scarves…More shots to follow soon, on bodies…CIMG0168 CIMG0169

These first two shots are just about 23 or 24 inches of fabric for my friend, Marsha to make me some hats I think…it was all the warp left after I finished these others so I warped with some handspun remnants!

Theses next shots are from several strands of cotton threads worked together, handspun black superfine merino, and some cotton flake, and then a bit of other goodies thrown in, some shredded Grateful Dead tie dye a la Stephen , sequins and more.

CIMG0170 CIMG0172 CIMG0174

Handspun merino and a bit of angora plied with fancy threads…..CIMG0175 CIMG0176 CIMG0177

More Handspun, lots of locks and fancy plying threads….

I think this is my favorite way to spin these days and I love how it weaves up!!

CIMG0178 CIMG0180 CIMG0181

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