Friday, January 06, 2012

Scarves Abound.

I just completed this handspun merino, angora, mohair, silk

with tons of sequins scarf!! I am really tickled to see it complete as I had saved the yarn for so long thinking about what it might become. Sometimes I want to hoard the yarn just to have it, and using it for something becomes secondary.

Ta da:

DSC04774DSC04788 DSC04795  DSC04788DSC04786 DSC04779 DSC04777 DSC04776 DSC04775

AND more fun…I am now weaving my latest handspun into this:

DSC04783 DSC04782

After struggling with a twill handspun lace weight single which was taking forever, I moved on to what I really want to do…you can see the singles on the bobbins below! I really wanted to play with designing the scarf in the spinning stage with more serendipitous weaving as the yarn comes off the bobbin….I think I like it!


Yarn is good. Weaving is good. Electric bobbin winders also good.

More gratuitous close-up shots to follow shortly!

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